One of the first short extracts from leaked emails that we have received (posted here) seems to possibly relate to Great British security services or police monitoring of religious groups, possibly extremists, who believe that some event is coming that they have to prepare for, or which may have happened late last yeah, but which has been covered up.

Is this perhaps a re-run of pre-millennial tensions?

The run up to the year 2000 saw activities amongst cult-like groups increase as they prepared for prophecy to be fulfilled and incidents like the Heaven’s Gate mass suicides

It may be that the end of 2012 is seen as the ‘new 2000′ in accordance with prophecies from the Mayans.

As it is a Presidential Election Year the candidates are also reaching out to religious groups as described in this news article, which states:

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are focusing on particular religious groups — Roman Catholic, Jewish, and evangelical Christians. Mr. Romney’s religion — Mormonism — is being covered by the media like never before in US political history. (At least since the sect moved to Utah in the 19th century in order to practice its own beliefs — including, at that time, polygamy.)

Elsewhere, Evangelical television channels are preparing for the return of Jesus at the Mount of Olives by covering the location with streaming cameras that can be viewed online, so that viewers won’t miss anything when he reappears.

Feature on these channels can be found here and here. Apparently:

Texas-based Daystar Television Network already beams a 24-hour-a-day live webcam from its terrace. Not to be outdone, Costa Mesa-based Trinity Broadcasting Network last month bought the building next door. The dueling studios are part of an aggressive push by U.S. evangelical broadcasters seeking to gain a stronger foothold in the holy city. 

You can watch to see if Jesus reappears on the Mount of Olives here.

All this aside – the emails we’ve received, which we will be releasing over the coming weeks point to *something* either having happened, or being planned, which is linked to religious groups in Great Britain.

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